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Anyons in one-dimensional optical lattices  
Jueves, 01 Febrero 2018, 11:00
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Presentado por elDr.Jereson Silva Valencia, delDepartamento de Física de laUniversidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogotá.


Anyons are a third class of particles with nontrivial exchange statistics, particles carrying fractional statistics that interpolate between bosons and fermions. In the last years, it has been made some proposals to emulate an anyon gas by confining bosonic atoms in optical lattices [Nat. Commun. 2, 361 (2011)].

In this work, we studied the ground state of anyons interacting through local two- or three-­body terms in one­-dimension, motivated by recent experimental and theoretical studies about multi­-body interactions in cold atoms setups. We used the density-­matrix renormalization group method to find the phase diagram and the von Neumann block entropy to determinate the critical point position.

The main quantum phases found are the superfluid and the Mott insulator ones. We also studied the evolution of the critical point with the global density and the statistical angle and showed that the anyon-Hubbard model with a statistical angle ? = ?/4 is in the same universality class as the Bose-Hubbard model with two-body interactions. With local three-­body interactions, we found that a Mott lobe with one anyon per site, it is possible for larger statistical angles, a fact that it is impossible with bosons.

Localización auditorio Michel Valero de la Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Exactas, edificio 320, piso 2.
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